Women’s Wedding Rings: Classic vs. Contemporary Designs

Hey! You’ve set the date, and we can hear wedding bells. Congratulations!

Choosing between all the wedding ring options can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Modern and classic designs aren’t the same. Here are a few key differences to remember:

Classic Women’s Wedding Rings: Timeless Elegance

Classic women’s wedding rings have endured for centuries, cherished for their simplicity and everlasting appeal. Here are some key features of classic designs:

Feature Classic Design
Style Simple, and elegant
Materials Traditional metals like yellow. 
Gemstones Don’t have any. It’s a simple metal ring. 
When to style It can be styled every day, without any worries. 
Symbolism Represents timeless commitment and tradition



18k yellow gold elegant milgrain edge band

Why Choose a Classic Design?

  • Timeless Appeal: Classic rings have always been the go to choice for many couples and are a symbol of enduring love and commitment.
  • Versatility: They complement any style, from casual to formal attire.
  • Symbolic Value: Perfect for those who appreciate tradition and heritage.

Contemporary Women’s Wedding Rings: Bold Statements

Contemporary wedding rings are all about innovation and individuality. Here’s what sets them apart:

Feature Contemporary Design
Style Crafted with diamonds or colourful gemstones. 
Materials Same materials as Classic Plain Bands 
Gemstones Diamonds studded rings 
Details Minimalist designs with focus on craftsmanship
Symbolism Represents modernity and personal style



18k yellow gold  rainbow half eternity ring natural sapphires

Why Choose a Contemporary Design?

  • Unique Expression: Make a bold statement with similar materials as classic plain bands and unique designs.
  • Modern Aesthetic: Perfect for everyone, for someone who wants to escape the same old dynamics and for someone who just love diamonds and uniqueness. 
  • Who can wear it: Anyone who can handle diamonds throughout the day. 

How to Choose the Best Wedding Ring for You

Choosing the perfect women’s wedding ring is all about your personal style and taste. With so many options available at different price points, it’s best to start by thinking about the overall look you want.

What Style Speaks to You?

  • Modern with Diamonds: If you love little extra sparkle.
  • Rose Gold with Diamonds: Perfect for a person who admire vintage intricate details.
  • Soft Yellow Gold with Floral Patterns: Ideal if you prefer a classic, romantic style.

Picture Yourself Wearing It

Think about your everyday life and the people around you. Do you want a ring that fits in with what others expect, or something that stands out? Your ring should express your personality and match your wardrobe.

Know Everything about Wedding Rings here: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Consider Your Budget

Money is a key factor for many. A classic plain ring might be more affordable than a diamond ring. Simple and classic rings often keep their value better and go well with modern styles.

Check out Precious Jewels Engagement Ring Budget Guide here: The Budget Guide: What are realistic budgets for affordable engagement rings

Make It Personal

Whether you choose a trendy, modern, or classic ring, it’s your decision. Getting advice from a skilled designer can help. They can help you choose the best from the rang of options, according to your budget preferences.

Know Her Style

Look at her clothes, jewelry, and accessories to understand her style. If she wears simple outfits like jeans and solid-colored shirts, or if you are planning to propose to her with solitaire, she might prefer a classic, simple ring. 

On the other hand, if she loves trendy fashion, look at popular rings and those worn by celebrities. Consider modern designs like a princess-cut wedding ring with a halo engagement ring.


White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Rings

Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold Classic Wedding Rings

Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring

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What are the most popular gemstones for women’s wedding rings?

A: Diamonds are a classic choice, but couples these days are shifting their preferences towards gemstones like sapphires, because of the vibrant colors and unique aesthetics. .

Q: How do I determine the right ring size?

A: Visit a jeweler for an accurate measurement. Alternatively, you can use online ring size guide for a convenient at-home measurement.

Q: How are wedding rings different from wedding bands?

A: The terms “wedding ring” and “wedding band” are often used interchangeably. Traditionally, a “wedding ring” refers to a ring that features gemstones, intricate designs, or simpler, plain band. However, in modern usage, both terms can refer to any ring exchanged during the wedding ceremony.

Q: Should I buy the engagement ring and wedding ring together?

A: It’s not necessary to buy both rings together, but it can be beneficial. Purchasing them as a set ensures they match perfectly in style and metal type. However, buying them separately allows you to take more time to find each ring and may also offer more flexibility in terms of budget and design.

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