Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Buy any thing and we will send it to you anyplace free of charge. We give quick, free transportation and protection to all our delivery objections, no matter what the request sum. All things are safely bundled and completely guaranteed while on the way to your home or office.

Things displayed on our site can be bought available and conveyed straightforwardly to your home.

For your protection, Precious Jewels always:

  • 1. Protects and enlists all things for their full worth
  • 2. Expects that all conveyances be made to an actual business or place of residence
  • 3. Prohibits conveyance to PO Box addresses
  • 4. Requires a mark for the bundle
  • 5. Considers an elective transportation address

We suggest that any credit card order be shipped to a valid address on file with the credit card company, although alternate addresses are acceptable.

Additional Info about International Shipping

Global clients will be answerable for any obligations, VAT, expenses or overcharges collected or charged by their nation, so kindly check with nearby specialists before submitting your request to affirm duties and obligations.




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