Lifetime Warranty Offered

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our adornments. Precious jewels offer a free lifetime guarantee against assembling surrenders on all Precious jewels fine gems. This guarantee doesn't have any significant bearing to our assortment of home and one of a kind adornments, since these pieces were not produced by Precious jewels.

Fix or administration performed by a gem dealer other than Brilliant Earth will void the guarantee. Everything fine adornments can be impacted by ordinary wear, exercises, or injury. This is particularly valid for rings, since hands are effectively utilized and likely to pressure everyday. Our assembling guarantee bars inclusion for mileage, deficiency of gemstones, item misfortune, or robbery. Inclusion additionally avoids harm or misfortune brought about by an inability to acquire the fixes expected to protect the uprightness of the adornments.

A few instances of normal adornments gives that wouldn't be viewed as assembling deserts include:

  • 1. The staining of valuable metals brought about by synthetics, make-up, drenching in pools and hot tubs, or washing.

  • 2. Valuable metals, and particularly prongs, wear out over the long run and may require reclamation function as a component of typical wear.

  • 3. Prongs getting, breaking down, or twisting around time because of regular wear or ordinary harm, permitting a gemstone to drop out.

  • 4. The departure of a gemstone brought about by harm from ordinary wear or from other harm.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to return your item (s) to take advantage of our free lifetime warranty or request additional repair work needed to service your Precious jewelry.




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