Halo vs. Solitaire: Choosing the Diamond Ring Style She’ll Love

Mark was in a jewelry store, browsing through an array of ring options, but he couldn’t take his eyes off two stunningly beautiful pieces: a halo and a solitaire ring. Both settings were equally captivating, and now he was unsure which one to choose. 

You might find yourself in Mark’s shoes, unsure which option to pick. 

But, Don’t worry—this blog about halo versus solitaire diamond rings for women will be your guide to making the right choice without confusion.

Let’s start with a comparison between Halo and Solitaire:

Feature Halo Solitaire
Diamonds Surrounding Center ✔️ Yes ❌ No
Center Diamond Appearance ✔️ Appears larger ❌ Depends on actual size
Cost Efficiency ✔️ More bang for your buck ❌ More expensive
Protection for Center Stone ✔️ More protection ❌ Less protection
Modern Choice ✔️ Yes ❌ Traditional
Classic Choice ❌ No ✔️ Yes
Styling Options ✔️ Many different options ❌ Limited to single stone
Distraction from Center Stone ❌ Potential distractions ✔️ No distractions
Cleaning ❌ Takes longer ✔️ Quicker
Versatility with Wedding Bands ✔️ Works with various styles ✔️ Matches with different bands
Fashion Longevity ✔️ Modern appeal ✔️ Timeless appeal

18K ROSE GOLD Oval Diamond Solitaire Ring 4 round prongs


Now, that you know the difference between Halo and Solitaire, it’s time to pick the one that fascinates you or might captivate your loved one.

 The question is, how would you do that? 

When deciding between a halo and a solitaire ring, here are a few aspects to think about:

  • Start noticing Personal Style:

Halo Rings: Ideal for those who love glamorous, vintage, or detailed designs. 

If she enjoys fashion and accessories that stand out, a halo ring might be the perfect match.

Solitaire Rings: Perfect for those who prefer a classic, understated look.

 If she values simplicity and elegance, a solitaire ring will likely resonate with her style.

  • Activity Level:

Halo Rings: Due to the intricate design, these diamond rings for women might be less suitable for someone with an active lifestyle, as the smaller diamonds can sometimes get loose or damaged.

Solitaire Rings: More durable and practical for everyday wear, especially for someone who is very active or works with their hands frequently.

  • Symbolic Meaning: 

Halo Rings: The surrounding halo can symbolize protection, unity, and eternal love. It’s a ring that often makes a statement about commitment and admiration.

Solitaire Rings: Represent purity, singularity, and timeless love. The single diamond signifies the one true love, making it a very romantic choice.

  • Make Budget the priority: 

Budget is a significant factor in choosing an engagement ring. Both halo and solitaire rings can vary widely in price based on the quality of the diamonds and the intricacy of the design.

Halo Rings: The cost can be higher due to the additional diamonds.  However, because the smaller diamonds in the halo are less expensive per carat than the center stone, a halo ring can sometimes give the appearance of a larger diamond without the higher cost of a single large diamond. The total carat weight of a halo ring is higher, but the individual stones are smaller and less costly compared to the center stone of a solitaire ring.



Solitaire Rings: The price largely depends on the quality and size of the single diamond. Investing in a high-quality diamond can be more cost-effective since you’re only focusing on one stone. Solitaires can be more budget-friendly if you choose a modest-sized diamond, as there are no additional stones to increase the overall cost.

  • Design in your way

Both halo and solitaire diamond rings for women offer opportunities for customization to suit personal preferences and make the ring truly unique.

  • You can choose different shapes for the center diamond and the halo, such as round, oval, pear, or cushion.
  • The band can be plain or embellished with additional diamonds or engravings.

How to make a final decision? 

Choosing the right engagement ring style ultimately comes down to understanding your partner’s preferences, lifestyle, and personality. Here are a few final tips to guide you:

  • Keep an Eye on her  Jewelry Collection: Pay attention to the types of jewelry she currently wears. Does she prefer simple, elegant pieces or more elaborate, sparkling ones? This can give you clues about whether she might prefer a solitaire or halo ring.
  • Consider Her Daily Routine: Think about her daily activities. If she has an active lifestyle or works with her hands, a solitaire ring might be more practical. If she enjoys dressing up and loves glamorous accessories, a halo ring could be the perfect fit.
  • Involve her Close Friends or Family: If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from her close friends or family. They might have insights into her preferences that can help you make the right choice.
  • Think Long Term: Consider how the ring style will fit with potential future additions, such as wedding bands. Some ring styles might pair better with certain types of bands, so think about the overall look you want to achieve.

Shop the Diamond Ring Style She’ll Adore!!

Choosing between a halo and a solitaire engagement ring is a significant decision that involves considering your partner’s unique style and your shared commitment. It doesn’t matter which style you choose, as long as it is a ring she will cherish forever.  The most important thing behind this selection should be the love and thoughtfulness behind your choice.

Let Precious Jewels guide you in the search for the perfect engagement ring. 

You can contact us easily, and we will help you explore our stunning collection according to your budget and preferences so that you don’t have to exhaust yourself in this lavish search of your life. 


FAQ 1: What is the difference between an engagement ring setting and style?

Answer: The engagement ring setting refers to the way the diamond or gemstone is mounted on the band. Common settings include prong, bezel, and tension settings.  The style of an engagement ring, on the other hand, encompasses the overall design and aesthetic of the ring, including the setting, band design, and additional features like engravings or side stones. Popular styles include halo, solitaire, vintage, and modern.

FAQ 2: Does a solitaire ring always have a simple band?

Answer: Not at all! While solitaire rings are known for featuring a single center stone, the band itself can come in a variety of styles. You can find solitaires with intricate milgrain details, braided bands, or even split shank designs that add a touch of personality.

FAQ 3: Does the setting affect the look of the diamond?

Answer: Absolutely! The setting can influence how much light hits the diamond, impacting its sparkle. Prong settings, for example, offer maximum brilliance, while bezel settings prioritize security and a sleek look.

FAQ 4: How do I choose a style that complements the diamond?

Answer: Certain settings work better with specific diamond shapes. Round diamonds look stunning in solitaire settings, while emerald cuts might be complemented by bezel settings. Consider consulting a jeweler to explore the best pairings for your chosen diamond.